Zak Land
© Zak Zakovi
Stone and Steel
2012 - 2013
7' 7" x 5' 0" x 3' 0"  x 850 lbs

I chose this name because the landscape is a scene from my mind. Those scenes are comprised of many decades of tromping through the hills and mountains of SW Montana and the many youthful summers in and along the Yellow Stone River.

This piece is a genuine landscape in 3 D. See: “Landscape Sculptures” 2012.

Structures: Approaching the piece the structural dynamics speak. A long slab of stone augmented with a concrete form supported on both ends with steel legs, like a bridge. The joint between concrete and stone visually wants to sheer. The large penetrations in the stone leave barley enough strength to keep the stone from splitting. The thin top stone area under tension and the bottom one in compression with the slender tree trunk where it forks giving the last bit of strength to keep the slab intact.

Color: The black dolomite is so rich in iron/magnesium that the chips from carving are magnetic, this oxidizes the stone black. The concrete was batched with black dye then sealed with dye in the sealer. The dark colors give a stoic feel to the sculpture, by leaving the steel supports with a rust finish the legs are held separate as bents on a bridge. The delicate steel bracket holding the swinging stone disk is blackened with steel dye, for a machine finish.

Composition: Standing on one side if it the scene is of a tree set in the ‘far view’ of a sunset with echoes of the sun and rays reaching the upper limbs. To the other side of the tree are flowing leaf forms. On the concrete form that completes the rectangle is embedded a spiral; at the tip of stone and end of the concrete is a toy.

 A stone disk is hung from the stone tip and swings into the concrete form with viewer assistance it bobs in and out of the slot. A breach of 2 taboos: don’t touch the art and have some fun playing while viewing.



Zak~Land (2013:  $9550.00

 Zak Land



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