for buying a completed sculpture from the Sales Site or commissioning or insallations

When you purchase a sculpture from my Sales Site I hope you have come to look at the piece or had someone you trust to that for you. Buying things from pictures on the internet is less than seeing and touching them.

I require a down payment of 50% when you request that a sculpture be held for you. The second and final 50% is due when the sculpture is loaded onto your or your contactors vehicle. Please review the Delivery page for more information about that process.

Terms for a sale of a commissioned sculpture the terms are: (more on the commissions page)
  • 1/3 down PMT when the sculpture is accepted as a design. I will do 2 or 3 sketches to scale of the proposed piece when you give me an indication of which of my sculptures you like and I have seen the site the commission will go on.
  • 1/3 PMT when the sculpture is done in the studio ready to be picked up or delivered.
  • Final PMT of 1/3 when installed or loaded at my studio on owner’s/contractor’s truck.
The costs of Installations vary and will be estimated at the time the property owner or organization requests a piece and I have seen the site. Please see Installation.
I will help with the loading and cribbing or bracing in the haul vehicle as a part of the sale and no extra charges to you.