The prices of my sculpture do not include delivery because of the endless variables and often the need of onsite equipment. So what I do is sell the sculptures FOB (free on board) which includes me using my hoists and sometimes my forklift to load the piece onto the owners or contractors truck/trailer. In addition I help make it secure to travel by building a lumber crib for it or braces on the truck/trailer. That is included in the price of the sculpture.

If the sculpture is to be shipped by a trucking company they have conditions that we must meet. I must build a sturdy crate and brace the art inside of it. Often trucking companies load other items on top of each other and move freight from one truck to another or into a terminal. All that is out of my control. All freight companies require that the person receiving the item order the freight to be picked up and pay for the charges in advance or COD.
I prefer to deliver or use a local contactor and trucker to do the job. When custom hauling is required equipment to load and unload and place the sculpture is needed. So my travel to install and the above costs are quoted separate to the price of the sculpture.

I can usually quote these costs and will be very honest if in doubt of some details. Thank you.