Commission Your Own Sculpture

I love it when someone wants me to make them their own special sculpture that pleases them and works well with their site.

Here is how it works:
  • The client works with my sales agent Sharon Brodie telling her several pieces they like on my website.
  • They give her a budget they want to work with based on prices of work for sale on the Sales site.
  • They tell her where the site is located and some details of how accessible it is.
  • At that point I do 2 sketches of an original sculpture that I think they would like and is in the price range they set. I do that at no charge. We can meet at my studio or with Annie or they can be mailed.
  • Once the client says that one please give us a price and timing of installation. I then can prepare a bid, a set price of the sculpture completed at my studio.
  • Delivery costs can also be estimated (please see information under Delivery) we will do our best to pin down those costs.
  • The costs of the final to scale drawings and the time to do the estimate will be done at 35 dollars per hour and billed with the estimate or bid.

    Payment for commissions are different than purchasing one of the completed sculptures on the Sales Site called out under Terms.
  •  Once we agree what the sculpture looks like and the cost of it I require 33% down payment to purchase the materials and to begin work.
  • I request the second payment of 33% when the sculpture is substantially complete in my studio, I can send a photo of it at that state if requested.
  • The final 33% is due when the sculpture is ready to ship or haul to your site; if it is close by enough for me to deliver I can accept that payment when I arrive with the sculpture.
  •  Payment for setting the sculpture and delivery costs if applicable are paid separately after the piece is in place.