Sculpture for your site without purchase

I have a way for you to have a sculpture in front of your property without you having to buy it. These are called Installations.

There are some conditions:
Usually I do this for business that want to draw people’s eye to their establishment, and their location is a high visibility location to show of my art so I get exposure as well.

I do require the person or business pay for several things:
  • The cost of moving the sculpture from my studio to their location.
  • The concrete pedestal the piece will set on and bolt down to.
  • The cost of equipment (sometimes a crane) to lift the piece onto the pedestal.
  • The cost of removing the sculpture and returning it to my studio when the period of the installation.
  • Insurance for liability and property loss needs to be secured for the sculpture.
I usually install a sculpture for 2 to 3 years at no charge other than the above expenses – to install and de-install the piece. If someone wants to extend that period we can negotiate a lease or set up a payment schedule for purchase. If not I coordinate a good time to come and remove the art, the pedestal stays or is removed by others.